Heritage Brass Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Memorable Concert

Sat. October 21st. The month of October has always signalled Heritage
Brass band’s Anniversary concert and this year, 2023 was the band’s
35th Anniversary with The Canadian Staff Songsters as the guests. For
both leaders, Col. Bob Ward (Heritage Brass) and Cathie Koehnen
(Canadian Staff Songsters) they were newly commissioned as leaders.

It was good to see the sanctuary at Oshawa Temple filled, with the
congregation warming to the music presented. The program began with
the band marching in The Canadian Staff Songsters to the march ‘Mighty
to Keep.’ Major Ken Ritson, also newly appointed as Executive Officer
to Heritage Brass brought a devotional thought. Ron Hustins and Steven
Cooper were also featured in the songs selected by the Songsters. A
sample of some of the music, including photos is included here to
remember a wonderful evening of music-making bringing all the
glory to God.