HB Weekend at Suncoast Citadel (Goderich) June 4th-5th, 2022

The Corps Officers of Suncoast Citadel – Lieut’s Derek & Angela Kerr prepared the way for the visit of Heritage Brass for what turned out to be a wonderful God-glorifying weekend. The band realized, even before leaving that this was to be, not just a visit to the corps but like the days of our ‘early’ army – a presence in the community. All over the town, posters were seen announcing the band’s visit and the event even made the front page of the local paper.

Youtube credit: SG Armstrong

The weekend began at the Citadel with a delicious cooked dinner, followed by an evening concert in the bandstand in the town square. An excellent crowd enjoyed the music played. One of the highlights of the evening was the recognition of 75 yrs service as an S.A. bandsman. Lt. Col. Shawn Critch (Divisional Commander) presented a certificate to John Britan who, following those many years of service and in several locations around the world was enjoying retirement in the Goderich corps.

The following day, Sunday, instead of meeting in the usual place – the Citadel, the service was held in the bandstand which attracted many people within the community. Lt. Col Shawn & Brenda Critch led the service, supported by Major Pamela Goodyear (Area Commander) and Heritage Brass.

The weekend concluded with a lunch provided by the corps.