HB Weekend at Agincourt Temple

Agincourt Temple – 4th – 5th May 2019. ‘Heritage’ Brass (Conductor D/B/M Graham Kinghorn) held a concert at Agincourt Temple on the Saturday evening with the proceeds of the freewill offering going towards the Corps’ young people’s music development program, namely the Salvation Army’s Music Camps.

A good sized congregation came out in support. Guests for the evening were the ‘Singing Pilgrims’ – a 13 member male singing group accompanied by Major Donna Millar (Piano). Not unlike Heritage Brass, the group consisted of members in their senior years – led by a much younger Lynn Janes who also presented a couple of vocal solos. Major Ron Millar (Band Exec. Officer) brought a devotional thought.

Heritage Brass returned for the Sunday morning worship service. Major Ron Millar (Band Exec Officer) led the meeting and brought the message… “Jesus in the Every Day.” Following the service, the corps provided refreshments in the foyer. Many good comments were made regarding the interest given to encouraging and supporting our young people.