HB Concert with Peterborough Temple Songsters – Sat May 14th, 2022

Heritage Brass held a very special concert at Peterborough Temple with Peterborough Temple Songsters – special because for both groups it was the first concert in almost 3 years. With the Covid 19 Pandemic still raging around the world, conditions within Ontario had improved and with government approval such gatherings were allowed.

Congregational gatherings were still reduced in size with people nervous to return and there was this fear that the band and songsters might be playing and singing to themselves, but there was a great delight to see a good-sized gathering.

The concert was preceded by a hot meal that the Songsters hosted which afforded a good time for the members of both groups to fellowship, along with spouses too.

From the very beginning, the concert took on an air of excitement. Not only was the music exciting and moving, but it was also undoubtedly this feeling of it actually happening.

Heritage Brass under the leadership of Craig Lewis varied their program with a traditional march, and several compositions arranging Christian Hymns and Songs. There were two congregational song arrangements used for congregational singing. Two light items that incorporated well-known secular music. One special piece the band played was a ‘first’ published composition (“To Answer Thee”) by Rachael Ewing whose home corps was Peterborough Temple. Alan Speed (Band Sergeant) brought the devotional thought and the band concluded their repertoire with Brian Bowen’s wonderful composition, “My Comfort and Strength.”

Supporting the band was Peterborough Temple Songsters under the leadership of Heather Robertson. Peterborough Temple Songsters have always been known for singing with a very high standard and though slightly smaller in size than the 60-70 members the brigade once had, the standard of singing was very much there. The Brigade sang 3 solo items, “Come Unto Me” by Larry Nickle, “Under His Wings” by Yvonne Field, and “I Dare to be Different” by Dirk Krommenhoek.

The evening concluded with Heather Robertson conducting both the band and songsters, singing a massed rendition of the benediction, “Into Your Loving Care” by David Catherwood.