HB Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Meighen Retirement Residence

June 25th 2015. Heritage Brass was invited to be part of the ‘Celebrating 50 years of the Meighen Retirement Residence.’ The residence was primarily built to accommodate retired Officers. In 1985 it expanded, taking over a Nursing Home which had been named after Canadian Prime Minister Arthur Meighen. Today after many changes this beautiful facility still houses Retired Salvation Army Officers along with non-officer seniors.

As people gathered for the celebration the band provided a one hour programme of light music. Following a magnificent BBQ for everyone the band provided music for the Celebration service including the singing of many well-known Salvation Army songs. Greetings were brought by civic leaders and dignitaries associated with the Meighen Residence. The celebration service concluded with a devotional thought by Commissioner Susan McMillan (Territorial Commander) who was the special guest. Following the benediction everyone enjoyed a piece of cake which had been made for the occasion. (AP)