HB Annual Concert at Jackson’s Point Corps

Jackson’s Point – Wed 3rd July 2019… The month of July in recent years has seen Heritage Brass hold a concert at Georgina Corps as part of the Wednesday night summer music programs (Jackson’s Point) as arranged by Divisional Headquarters. In conjunction with the event the band holds its annual dinner which again this year was held in the Royal Canadian Legion, Sutton. Below are two photos at the dinner where Executive Officer Major Ron Millar presented Bob Young with a certificate marking 13 years of service as both bandsman and Band Board Member. The second photo shows Major Cliff Hollman (Band Treasurer) presenting an appreciation document thanking Henry Preece for his extra volunteer work as Band Librarian, especially with the recent move the band has made in new locations the band has moved to for rehearsal and storage.

The Band’s Program in the evening included the Divisional Candidates Farewell to the Messengers of Grace 2019/20 Session, where representatives of the Session were present. Divisional Staff included… Lt. Colonel Sandra Rice (Divisional Commander); Majors Christopher & Tina Rideout (Area Commanders); Captains Mark & Jodi Dunstan (Divisional Youth Secretaries/Divisional Secretary for Candidates). Also present, representing Territorial Headquarters were Lt. Col’s. Brian & Lynn Armstrong (Secretary for Personnel & Secretary for Program) respectively.

The evening also included the Divisional Commander announcing and presenting a certificate to Craig Lewis (Territorial Secretary for Music & Gospel Arts for the Canada and Bermuda Territory) with an added appointment and responsibility as Bandmaster of Heritage Brass.

This was a wonderful evening of music and spiritual inspiration enjoyed by a full auditorium of people.