HB Anniversary Concert at Oshawa Temple

19th October 2019. Heritage Brass celebrated yet another anniversary at Oshawa Temple with their new bandmaster Craig Lewis who was appointed as bandmaster last July in a concert at Georgina Corps. As always, a good crowd assembled with many former members of the band present.


The guest this year was Dr. Jonathan Corry who is currently serving as the Divisional Director for Music and Gospel Arts for the Chicago Metropolitan Division within The Salvation Army. In 2009, Jonathan was commissioned Bandmaster of Enfield Citadel Band where he served for 9 years. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jonathan established himself as a Trumpet/Cornet soloist. Jonathan played 3 solos this evening, wowing the crowd with a remarkable command of his cornet. He also conducted the band in the hymn tune arrangement… ‘Kremser’ (Philip Ditmer).

Above left: Jonathan and Arnold were associated with Enfield, (Arnold also with Tottenham). Deryck and Alan were members of Tottenham Citadel Band.

The band varied their program with the good old favourite… ‘To God be the Glory’ (Dean Goffin) and more up to date music such as… ‘Fanfare, Hymn and Thanksgiving’ (Dudley Bright), ‘Elation’ (Trevor Davis) and ‘The Wonder of it all’ (Kenneth Smith). The band also sang ‘Redeemed’ and Alan Speed brought a devotional. It was a good evening of music and fellowship with a gathering for refreshments following the concert.