H.B. Weekend (June 17 and 18, 2023) at Owen Sound Salvation Army Community Church

Corps Officers, Lieuts. Jory and Rebecca Hewson, ensured that the visit of Heritage Brass to Owen Sound was well publicized. As a result, the band had an excellent weekend of music ministry and spiritual witness. Also, the bonus was that the weather was pleasantly sunny and dry!

Under the direction of Bandmaster Bob Young, the weekend began with an outdoor afternoon concert at Harrison Park. This was a beautiful venue, where a substantial crowd was attracted by the Band playing some familiar hymn tunes, Salvation Army marches, and song selections such as Amazing Grace and Love Changes Everything.

After the concert, Band members and spouses assembled at the Community Church for a
delicious dinner, prepared and served by members of the church family.

The Saturday evening concert, held at the Community Church, featured a variety of music, including a Cornet Solo “Faithful Follower”, played by Deryck Diffey; “Seventy-Six Trombones”, featuring the trombone section; a vocal solo, “The King is Coming”, sung by Byron Penney; and the band vocal, ”Redeemed”. The enthusiastic audience also enjoyed participating in a “Sing along with the Band” (Songs of Beauty).

Early Sunday morning, the Band returned to the S.A. Community Church to participate in the Worship Service, led by Corps Officers Jory and Rebecca Hewson, H.B. Executive Officer, Col. Bob Ward, and D.C.’s, Lt. Cols. Shawn and Brenda Critch. God was truly worshipped in the beauty of holiness and the spirit of praise.

To the delight of the band members and their spouses, the weekend concluded with a lunch provided by the church members.