Fall Homecoming – Sept 23-24 – Bowmanville

Heritage Brass & Redemption House of Recovery
“All Roads Lead to Bowmanville”

Saturday evening concert fundraiser – $10 plus non-perishable food item where possible.
September 23, 2023 at 7:00PM
Call the office for details or to purchase tickets: 905-623-3761

Sunday morning worship service with RHOR
September 24, 2023 at 11:00AM
Potluck lunch to follow the morning service. Please bring a salad or dessert if you wish to stay. Hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided.


The Band Visits Georgina – July 5th 2023

For several years now the band has been holding its end-of-season event with a concert and dinner at Georgina Corps as part of the Division’s Jacksons Point mid-week concert program. Again this year, before the concert, the band held a dinner at the local Legion building. Again the band was treated to a delicious roast beef dinner. Following the dinner, there was a brief business meeting to recognize past and present personnel.

Five bandsmen received retirement certificates for their service with Heritage Brass: Lew Chaulk, Bob Watson, John West, Don Cummings and Ernie Jensen. Photos show Lew and wife Davina, Bob and wife Sue. Ernie, Don and John were unable to attend.

Fred Brake was welcomed into the band as a new member. Then came the announcement that a new bandmaster was to be appointed – Colonel Robert Ward. Both were warmly greeted by the members of the band.

Another wonderful moment was the presentation of a cornet which was donated to the band by Shirley Cummings in memory of her husband Cliff. Cliff was promoted to Glory a year or so ago having given 28 years of service to Heritage Brass.

Following dinner, the band provided a concert at Georgina Corps where Fred Brake and Colonel Robert Ward both received their Heritage Brass pins as new members. Col. Ward acting as Executive Officer guided the program along. Bob Young was the acting bandmaster for the evening as the large congregation enjoyed a variety of music. A sample of some of that music is below.

The Band’s Visit to INSPIRE July 1st 2023.

The Salvation Army Canada Bermuda Territory held the ‘Inspire’ Congress & Conference event in downtown Toronto from June 26 – July 2. The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, Massey Hall and the corner of Yonge & Dundas were the venues.

On Sat July 1st (Canada Day) Heritage Brass provided a brief concert in the bandshell that had been set up at Yonge & Dundas. A good number of people took interest in what they were hearing on the street and stopped by. The music was well received with favourites like… ‘Amazing Grace,’ ‘Love changes everything,’ and an upbeat number – ‘Island Dreams’ which brings in the melody ‘The Happy Wanderer’ using our words – ‘I found the Pearl of Greatest price.’

H.B. Weekend (June 17 and 18, 2023) at Owen Sound Salvation Army Community Church

Corps Officers, Lieuts. Jory and Rebecca Hewson, ensured that the visit of Heritage Brass to Owen Sound was well publicized. As a result, the band had an excellent weekend of music ministry and spiritual witness. Also, the bonus was that the weather was pleasantly sunny and dry!

Under the direction of Bandmaster Bob Young, the weekend began with an outdoor afternoon concert at Harrison Park. This was a beautiful venue, where a substantial crowd was attracted by the Band playing some familiar hymn tunes, Salvation Army marches, and song selections such as Amazing Grace and Love Changes Everything.

After the concert, Band members and spouses assembled at the Community Church for a
delicious dinner, prepared and served by members of the church family.

The Saturday evening concert, held at the Community Church, featured a variety of music, including a Cornet Solo “Faithful Follower”, played by Deryck Diffey; “Seventy-Six Trombones”, featuring the trombone section; a vocal solo, “The King is Coming”, sung by Byron Penney; and the band vocal, ”Redeemed”. The enthusiastic audience also enjoyed participating in a “Sing along with the Band” (Songs of Beauty).

Early Sunday morning, the Band returned to the S.A. Community Church to participate in the Worship Service, led by Corps Officers Jory and Rebecca Hewson, H.B. Executive Officer, Col. Bob Ward, and D.C.’s, Lt. Cols. Shawn and Brenda Critch. God was truly worshipped in the beauty of holiness and the spirit of praise.

To the delight of the band members and their spouses, the weekend concluded with a lunch provided by the church members.

Heritage Brass in Concert with Yorkminster Songsters

Heritage Brass joined with Yorkminster Citadel Songsters at Yorkminster Citadel for an evening of Music. With Heritage Brass being without a resident Bandmaster at the time, Marcus Venables (Assistant Territorial Music Secretary) was invited to conduct the band for the concert. Marcus was able to join the band for several rehearsals leading up to the concert, himself selecting the music which the band played. The band provided six solo items mixed with the Songsters’ contributions, two of which included a cornet solo by Deryck Diffey. Now closer to his 90th birthday than his 80th, Deryck sensitively played Phil Rayment’s composition – “Faithful Follower.” The band’s final rendering was a major work “Wondrous Salvation”… the composer being the brother of Marcus… Harrison Venables.

Yorkminster Songsters under the leadership of Cathie Koehnen also provided six solo items. The brigade demonstrated a high standard of singing with the leader selecting various styles of music that sometimes left the congregation reflecting with no applause with God’s Spirit moving, then at other times applause at the high standard of musicianship in praising God our Father. Special mention should be made to Bill Way, the pianist who accompanied the Songster Brigade. Bill has long been known to Salvation Army congregations for his mastery of the piano. The second soloist of the evening was Sean van Gulik in the brigade’s item – “Nothing but Thy Blood” (Simon Gash).

Newly appointed Band Executive Officer, Heritage Brass, Col. Robert Ward brought a devotional thought, before the band and songsters joined together, concluding the evening with… “Make Me a Channel” (William Himes).

HB Anniversary Concert at Oshawa Temple

22nd October 2022.  With hardly an empty seat in the sanctuary, Heritage Brass held their first Anniversary concert in three years due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. The congregation feasted on a wide spectrum of music from both the band and the O’Neill Chamber Choir.

There were humourous, reflective, jazzy, swing, classical and devotional moments. The evening was caught on video by the Oshawa Temple sound & video team. Selected clips will give credit to all the artists.

Annual Concert & Dinner – Jackson’s Point (Georgina Corps)

7th July 2022. Heritage Brass held its annual ‘end of season’ concert with a programme of music at Georgina Corps, preceded by a dinner at the Legion in Sutton. It marked an interesting time in that, because of Covid 19 the event was put on hold in 2020 and 2021. It is at the dinner that the band recognizes changes in personnel that might include, Promotions to Glory, Retirements, New members and Administrative business.

Catching up on 3 years, there was much to do…

‘Promotions to Glory’ – It was with sadness that we said goodbye to 3 members…
– Cliff Cummings – Band Member: 1994 to 2022.
– Major Ted Kimmins – Band Member: 2008 to 2021.
– Geoff Norton – Band Member: 2009 to 2021. (Geoff was recognized for his service as B/M back in 2009. He also served as B/M from 2013 to 2014).
* On these occasions, the band attends the funeral in full uniform but in the case of Geoff and Ted, with Covid, this was not possible. These members are missed and we thank God for the times we enjoyed with them. Our sympathies go to Shirley, Ruth and Marion and their families

‘Retirements’  – Six members were recognized for their service…
– Mal Allington – Band Member: 2000 to 2022.
– Lew Chaulk – Band Member: 1996 to 2022.
– Gary Dean – Band Member: 1998 to 2019.
– Major Ron Millar – Executive Officer: October 2017 to September 2019.
– Steve Preece – Band Member: June 2003 to April 2020.
– Major Ernie Reid – Band Member: October 2011 to August 2020. (Ernie was previously recognized for his service as Executive Officer back in 2011.)

‘New Members’ – HB Pins were presented to 4 New Members – Betty Linkvist, Tim Pomeroy, Ken Rawlins and Dave Stevens. The band says ‘welcome’ and prays that their time with HB will bring blessing and enjoyment.

‘Special Recognition’ – Henry Preece (Band Librarian). Henry was recognized for the countless hours he spends in the band library, copying music and organizing music, made more difficult that the library is off-site to where the band rehearses. Thank you, Henry.

‘Service recognition’ – Craig Lewis – Bandmaster: 2019 to 2022. It is interesting to note that at the same event 3 years before, Craig Lewis was presented his commission as the B/M of Heritage brass. The next time the event is held, Craig retires from the position, due to a change in his employment situation. Noted too is the time that Craig actually stood in front of the band, limited due to Covid with the band not meeting for almost 18 months. These were good years where Craig lifted the standard of the band’s playing. The band will always remember Craig’s leadership and wish him God’s blessing wherever his journey takes him.

Following a great time of fellowship and a wonderful meal, the band reconvened at Georgina corps where a good-sized congregation gathered and enjoyed a well-balanced programme of music.

HB Weekend at Suncoast Citadel (Goderich) June 4th-5th, 2022

The Corps Officers of Suncoast Citadel – Lieut’s Derek & Angela Kerr prepared the way for the visit of Heritage Brass for what turned out to be a wonderful God-glorifying weekend. The band realized, even before leaving that this was to be, not just a visit to the corps but like the days of our ‘early’ army – a presence in the community. All over the town, posters were seen announcing the band’s visit and the event even made the front page of the local paper.

Youtube credit: SG Armstrong

The weekend began at the Citadel with a delicious cooked dinner, followed by an evening concert in the bandstand in the town square. An excellent crowd enjoyed the music played. One of the highlights of the evening was the recognition of 75 yrs service as an S.A. bandsman. Lt. Col. Shawn Critch (Divisional Commander) presented a certificate to John Britan who, following those many years of service and in several locations around the world was enjoying retirement in the Goderich corps.

The following day, Sunday, instead of meeting in the usual place – the Citadel, the service was held in the bandstand which attracted many people within the community. Lt. Col Shawn & Brenda Critch led the service, supported by Major Pamela Goodyear (Area Commander) and Heritage Brass.

The weekend concluded with a lunch provided by the corps.