Gary Dean

Member Since: January 2000
Home Corps: Meadowlands
Favourite Scripture: Romans 8:28-29
Favourite band Composition: “Song of Courage” (Eric Ball)
Prior Occupation: School Principal
Leadership Role in the Band: Interim Bandmaster

Interim Bandmaster

Gary started playing the cornet at the age of 4, entering the Junior Band when he was 7 years old. During these early years, he had the opportunity to get excellent instruction from his Dad, (Wilfred Dean, an original member Heritage Brass) and, for 4 years, Derek Smith.

Gary entered the Earlscourt Senior Band at 14 years of age and played in the cornet section for 15 years. A highlight of this time was the band representing Canada in 1965 for the Salvation Army’s 100th birthday.

Participation in other SA bands included Kitchener, Mississauga Temple, North York Temple and in retirement, Barrie, Winterberry Heights, Hamilton Meadowlands and Heritage Brass.
Gary also enjoyed 11 years in the Solo Cornet section of the Canadian Staff Band.

SA musical leadership includes bandmaster of North York Temple and Mississauga Temple Bands as well as Dep B/M of the CSB and Heritage Brass.
He has always worked with young people at the Corps level, at Divisional Camps and enjoyed 17 years at the National School of Music at Jackson’s Point. He continues to do so at Hamilton Meadowlands, assisting with the Junior Band program.

Gary has a BA (Pol Sci), BED and an MED (Administration)

His teaching career began as a classroom teacher, then music educator followed by 5 years as a Vice-Principal and 13 years as a Principal, retiring on Dec. 31st, 1999.

He still enjoys participating in SA musical ministry (now on Euphonium due to a sports injury) and hopes to continue to do so for many more years.