Craig Lewis has recently retired from Heritage Brass due to a change in employment. The search for a new bandmaster is underway.


Member Since: July 2019
Home Corps: Mountain Citadel (Hamilton)
Favourite Scripture: 1 John 4:7-11
Favourite band Composition: Journey Into Freedom (Eric Ball)
Prior Occupation: Territorial Secretary for Music & Gospel Arts
Leadership Role in the Band: Bandmaster

Craig received all of his early musical training through The Salvation Army’s youth programs, but it was not until Don Giles introduced him to the trombone at the Halifax North corps that he really took an interest in music-making. Craig was subsequently enrolled as a senior bandsman at Fairview Citadel on Easter Sunday in 1985. Celebrating over 30 years as a senior bandsman, Craig is currently a member of the Mountain Citadel Band (Hamilton), where he also held the role of Bandmaster in 2011.

Appointed to the Canadian Staff Band in 1994 and retiring in 2019, Craig has spent half his life playing first trombone with the CSB, including more than 15 years as the principal and trombone soloist with the band. Tours with the CSB have taken him from coast to coast in Canada, Bermuda, across the US and overseas to Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany and England. Craig is a 2nd generation staff bandsman; his father, Doug, played Eb bass in the band and later was also the Executive Officer. In addition, Craig has performed, recorded or toured with diverse groups such as the Canadian Forces (Europe) Band, the McMaster University Concert Band, Huronia Symphony Orchestra, Intrada Brass, Brass Sabbath, Weston Silver Band, Melody Shop Brass Quintet and Sophisticated Swing.

Craig is the founding Bandmaster of the Territorial Youth Band (TYB) for the Canada and Bermuda Territory, taking them on an inaugural tour to California to participate in the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade. His work with young people has seen him as a conductor at music camps in Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, as well as an international music camp in Los Angeles that involved musicians from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Canada. In 2019, Craig also became Bandmaster of Heritage Brass; an active group of older or retired musicians committed to music ministry.

Professionally, Craig has had a varied background in commercial finance, including managing a $250 million aircraft portfolio, and held an executive position with an international Christian aviation organization where he was responsible for all aspects of fundraising, marketing and communications in Canada. In 2015, Craig was appointed as the Territorial Secretary for Music & Gospel Arts for the Canada and Bermuda Territory.