Col. Robert Ward


Member Since: March 2023
Home Corps: Oshawa Temple
Favourite Scripture: Romans 8:31, 37
Favourite band Composition: Resurgam (Eric Ball)
Prior Occupation: Salvation Army Officer
Leadership Role in the Band: Bandmaster

Col. Robert (Bob) Ward’s father was a bandmaster and there was always brass and other good music playing in the home. Bob received his early training in The Salvation Army young peoples’ music sections and music camps. His corps officer, the then Captain Don Ritson was a great encourager and role model as his corps bandmaster as well. Bob attended the last Territorial Music Camp at Jackson’s Point when it was the sole music camp for the division. The next year it expanded to Junior Music Camp, then shortly afterwards hosted the National Music Camps. Wilf Dean and Major Bill Brown played a pivotal role in Bob’s music development at TMC. In addition to playing in his home corps band, Bob often joined with the West Toronto Band on the G Trombone. Bob also played in the local high school bands and orchestra.

Bob has conducted the youth band at Brock Avenue, and then Terrebonne Heights (QE) after commissioning. Along the way, he was bandmaster at Labrador City Corps, then three years with the St. John’s Temple Band (NF). During postings overseas, he was bandmaster at Cape Town Citadel (RSA) and often a guest conductor of the Zimbabwe Territorial Band. On returning to North America as Secretary for Program in the USA Central Territory, he was privileged during that time to have William Himes (O.F.) as part of his portfolio.

Returning to Canada in retirement, Bob was the chaplain of the Mountain Citadel band while playing both bass trombone and tuba. He now resides in Oshawa, where he is a member of the songster brigade and takes his turn providing piano accompaniment for Sunday meetings. “I try to make band rehearsals enjoyable,” Bob says, ” and concerts should be equally satisfying for the performers as well as inspirational to the listeners”. He looks forward to the coming activity year for the Heritage Brass and its members.