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Lakeshore Salvation Army Community Church

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Sunday 17th January 2016 – 6:30pm.
Heritage Brass were privileged to be invited to the Lakeshore Salvation Army Community Church (Lieutenants Sam & Mary Tim) as special guests for their weekly Sunday evening service. There is always a good feeling within the band when the band can be supportive in ministry at other corps, particularly when the corps is small and musically acheter du cialis en ligne challenged. Lieutenant Tim introduced and welcomed the band making mention that he had heard the band when they played at the Basakoli concert in Sept 2015. In his words he said… “I want this band at our corps.”

The band provided a light programme of music of marches and sacred selections. A few new pieces in the band’s repertoire included the marches ‘Golden Jubilee’ ‘Exultation’ and ‘Fill the World with Music.’  Two of Douglas Court’s compositions were featured… ‘Things are Different Now’ and his march ‘Heaven Bound.’ The programme included some congregational singing. The Band also provided two vocal songs. Lieut. Col. Alf Richardson was recently appointed the band’s executive

officer, bringing a devotional thought to the end the evening. The corps people expressed themselves with deep appreciation of the band’s visit. Following the programme, everybody gathered downstairs where the corps people had prepared light refreshments for everyone. AP

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HB in Bracebridge ON

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Heritage Brass visited Bracebridge Salvation Army Corps for the weekend 7-8 November 2015. The corps people provided a supper for the band and their spouses before the band presented an evening programme of music. The band began with the March – “Southall One Hundred”  followed with a Congregational Song Arrangement: “Praise My Soul.” Other items included the Intrada – “To A God Like This” and William Himes lovely composition “Soli Deo Gloria.” Before finishing the first half of the programme the band sang “My Jesus, I Love Thee” and finished out the first half of the programme with Fantasy On American Spirituals – “Jubilation.”

The band opened the second half of the programme with the Cornet and Trombone Feature – “In Good Company” followed by the Festival March – “Concord.” The band sang once again with the Hymn Setting – “My Jesus, I Love Thee.” Major Greg Simmonds (Executive Officer) brought a brief devotional which was followed by the Cornet Solo – “I Surrender All” by bandsman Deryck Diffey. The band finished their programme with the Festival Arrangement – “We Have An Anchor.”

The evening concert was well appreciated by the folk who gathered.

Sunday morning saw the band preparing to lead worship led by Major Greg Simmonds. Bandsperson Sylvia Thompson brought a very meaningful, emotional personal testimony. Major Cliff Holman took charge of the children’s time. The band sang the song “Simply Trusting Every Day” and played Len Ballantine’s “I know thou art Mine.” Major Simmonds brought the morning message.

Following the morning meeting, the corps people provided a lunch for everyone. The Corps Officer Captain Fred Reid expressed appreciation for the visit of the band. It was the feeling of the band that the weekend had been very successful and God-glorifying. It had been explained to the band that many ‘new’ people had joined the corps in the last few years and would have been introduced to a ‘new picture’ of the Salvation Army in the band’s ministry. It was good to interact with the folk and share Christ with one another. We give God all the glory.



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Saturday October 24, 2015

An excellent program of music was enjoyed by the people who gathered at Etobicoke Temple. The band was in fine form with their recently appointed bandmaster, Bob Gray. Guests for the evening were LYN JANES (Vocal soloist) and BILL WAY (Piano accompanist and soloist). Both Lynn and Bill have long been known around the Toronto area as first class musicians. Their choice of music and presentation did not disappoint bringing much enjoyment and blessing. Major Greg Simmonds guided the programme along and brought a brief devotional. See Programme below

Opener – To a God like this – Band

Responsive Reading – Psalm 150 – Maj. Simmons

Congregational Song – Come, join our Army

March – Concord – Band

Vocal Solo – Bachianas

Brasileiras No. 5 – Lynn Janes

Piano Solo – Gospel Train – Bill Way

Euphonium Solo – Ransomed (Soloist: Gary Dean)

Vocal Solo – Not For a Moment – Lynn Janes

Hymn Setting – Amazed! – Band


Intrada – In Good Company – Band

Piano Solo – Something About That Name – Bill Way

Vocal Solo – In the love of Jesus – Lynn Janes

Vocal Solo – Soli Deo

Gloria – Lynn Janes

Band Vocal – My Jesus, I Love Thee

Cornet Solo – I Surrender All (Solist: Deryck Diffey)

Devotional – Maj. Simmonds

Festival Arrangement – We Have an Anchor – Band

Benediction – In My Life Lord, Be Glorified – Band

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Jack Cockhead Promoted to Glory

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img_jackcockhead-lgA small group from Heritage Brass played some music for Jack Cockhead at the hospital shortly before he was Promoted to Glory. The family acknowledged the group’s presence indicating, that though Jack could not communicate, he clearly was aware of the music. Jack was a valued member of Heritage Brass and will be missed.