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HB Visit To St. Catherines Corps 21-22nd October 2017

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Heritage Brass celebrated its annual anniversary with a weekend visit to St. Catherines Corps. The band was under the direction of Brian Burditt. Special guests for the Saturday evening programme were – ‘Signature Edition’ a barbershop quartett (Dan Wilson, Dunnville, ON; George Biggar, Fonthill, ON; Derek Stevens, St. Catherines, ON; Rick Steenkist, Brantford, ON). A good crowd gathered showing their appreciation for a well balanced musical program of brass and voice, the latter, close harmonies of barbershop singing which is seldom heard today. Soloists for the band included Deryck Diffey who played the cornet solo – “I Dreamed a dream.” Gary Dean played the Euphonium Solo – “My Christ is all in all.”

Sunday morning saw the band and St. Catherines Songster Brigade providing music for the morning service. Major Ron Millar (Band Executive Officer) conducted the service and brought the morning message. Following the morning service, the corps provided a meal for everyone (band and corps) which they call… “Lunch with the Bunch.” It was a very satisfying weekend where much blessing was received and where God was most truly worshipped and glorified.

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HB at Cambridge Citadel – April 30, 2017

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Heritage Brass enjoyed a Sunday at Cambridge Citadel (April 30th, 2017) with Corps Officers – Captains Nick & Heather Samuel. Lt. Col. Alf Richardson (Band Executive Officer) conducted the Sunday morning service with the musical support of the band. There was a lovely spirit within the meeting where God was truly worshipped.

Following the morning service, the corps provided a hot roast beef dinner for the band and spouses of band members. As always with these weekends, there is an opportunity to meet new people and learn about the community and the Army’s work in that community. The Cambridge Corps is in the midst of raising funds for building renovations and in this regard, the band provided a musical programme in the afternoon where opportunity was given to make a financial donation towards the project. A copy of the programme including some video and photos is included below.

With our B/M Bob Gray taking a leave of absence, the band has been enjoying a number of months of leadership with Andrew Burditt. The band was delighted to have Andrew act as interim bandmaster for this visit and he is to be commended for his choice of music which was warmly received.

CAMBRIDGE CITADEL – April 30th 2017


Festival March – Salvation’s Song William Gordon

Hymn Tune Arrangement As the Deer


Almighty Roger Trigg

Song Praise my Soul

Festival Arrangement – Simple Gifts Ray Steadman-Allen

Song Arrangement – How Great Thou Art James Curnow

Band Vocal – Simply Trusting arr. Major Norman Bearcroft

Festival Arrangement – Full Surrender arr. Howard Evans

With Heart and Hand Kenneth Smith

His Strength is Perfect arr. Noel Brooks

Hymn Setting – Nicaea William Himes

My Jesus I Love Thee Ron Heintzman

Song – Storm the forts of Darkness arr. Capt. Nick Samuel

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