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Recording “Good Old Army 5”

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Heritage Brass spent 2 full days at Brampton Citadel on 9th & 10th June, recording what will be the latest CD – “Good Old Army 5.” Ted Marshall, who is so well known in ‘Army’ circles was the recording engineer. Many thanks go to the Corps Officers, Majors Gord & Connie Armstrong and their team for allowing us the use of their facility and providing the necessary refreshments needed to see out a full day.

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Humber Valley United Church

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7th May 2016

It was stated that it took 2 years to find a date for Heritage Brass to visit Humber Valley United Church. It certainly was worth waiting for because the evening was filled with good music and good Christian fellowship that brought 2 differing denominations together where each learned from the other.

As always the music was mostly sacred music with a devotional thought given by Lt. Col Alf Richardson (Band Exec Officer). Soloists included Major Alan Price (Eb Soprano Cornet) “Summertime” (Gershwin); Steve Preece (Eb Horn) played Len Ballantine’s “His eye is on the Sparrow.”; Gary Dean (Euphonium) played “Travelling Along” (Chris Mallett).

This might just have been the first time that the church had hosted a Salvation Army Band. This writer had opportunity to speak of the band’s history and make-up, including explaining the instruments the band use. In return it was enlightening to learn of the church and its activities. The warmth of the hosts was much appreciated by the band with the refreshments they provided and the reception to the music chosen. We are given to understand that a return visit is already in the planning.

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“In Their Steps” Concert

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Saturday 23rd April 2016

Agincourt Community Church sanctuary was pretty well filled for the annual ‘In Their Steps’ Concert. The program featured the Divisional Young People’s Band – ‘Blood and Fire Brass’ and the ‘Divisional

Singing Company’ and ‘Heritage Brass.’ ‘In their Steps’ fittingly described the wide spectrum of age of those participating. For Heritage Brass the age of entry is 55 with some of its members still active in their 80’s. For the Youth groups the age ranges from ages 9-17.

During the evening much was said about the youth following in the footsteps of those who have seen many years of Salvation Army banding. Indeed, opportunity was given in two items where the youth and those not so young came together. The Trombone section of both bands joined to play –

‘You Know That We Love You.’ Of special interest was a double Cornet Duet ‘Deliverance’ where B/M Bob Gray and Murray Shadgett played alongside their students… Alexis Dill (Bob) and Evelyn Robertson (Murray). Other items included the Horn Solo ‘His Eye is on the Sparrow-Steve Preece (HB). Bram Robertson (B&FB) played ‘You can’t stop

God.’ Alexandria Girard provided a Piano solo.

It was a wonderful evening of music-making with the Divisional Commander Lt. Col. Sandra Rice concluding the evening with a brief devotional.


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Lakeshore Salvation Army Community Church

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Sunday 17th January 2016 – 6:30pm.
Heritage Brass were privileged to be invited to the Lakeshore Salvation Army Community Church (Lieutenants Sam & Mary Tim) as special guests for their weekly Sunday evening service. There is always a good feeling within the band when the band can be supportive in ministry at other corps, particularly when the corps is small and musically challenged. Lieutenant Tim introduced and welcomed the band making mention that he had heard the band when they played at the Basakoli concert in Sept 2015. In his words he said… “I want this band at our corps.”

The band provided a light programme of music of marches and sacred selections. A few new pieces in the band’s repertoire included the marches ‘Golden Jubilee’ ‘Exultation’ and ‘Fill the World with Music.’  Two of Douglas Court’s compositions were featured… ‘Things are Different Now’ and his march ‘Heaven Bound.’ The programme included some congregational singing. The Band also provided two vocal songs. Lieut. Col. Alf Richardson was recently appointed the band’s executive

officer, bringing a devotional thought to the end the evening. The corps people expressed themselves with deep appreciation of the band’s visit. Following the programme, everybody gathered downstairs where the corps people had prepared light refreshments for everyone. AP